Ave verum corpus
SATB with Piano https://youtu.be/odEocCa1wTc


Cantique de Jean Racine
SATB with Piano https://youtu.be/Gdb2gtU12kk

The Road Home
SATB a Capella https://youtu.be/zRtNJTR6-0U

The Road Home Learning Tracks
Soprano https://youtu.be/JqhxB26t3o8
Alto https://youtu.be/UwqM9PFO1u8
Tenor https://youtu.be/VqHTm08qjH0
Bass https://youtu.be/Rqrp23KCAos
SATB https://youtu.be/jfyU9bc6GUc

Let us sing together
One Part https://youtu.be/4rDVI3n4lUw
4 Parts https://youtu.be/fpfsTdObyv4

To the Greenwood tree
1 part https://youtu.be/kg3faNlo8Uo
3 Parts https://youtu.be/qc3LMTVfsY0

There’s a girl that I love
1 Part (slow) https://youtu.be/ELzykNL5ouw

4 Parts (slow) https://youtu.be/Mqkne9yiLNc

1 Part (fast)  https://youtu.be/qlg0Mcym0a8





Have fun and join us again next week.

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