On Sunday 3rd April 2016, eighty members of Ayr Choral conducted by Gerry Doherty, and accompanied by the City of Glasgow Symphony Orchestra, organised by Bryan Free, performed Dvorak’s Requiem in Ayr Town Hall.

Soloists Eleanor Dennis (sop), Cheryl Forbes (mezzo), Jamie MacDougall (tenor), and Arshak Kuzikyan (bass-baritone) provided superb contributions throughout the Requiem, which was composed in 1890.

The Town Hall audience enjoyed the variety of styles in the work, from the dark and dramatic Dies Irae to the lyrical Recordare.

After the rather sombre first half, the second half has an atmosphere of solace and conciliation. The lovely harmonies of the Et Lux Perpetua, given by chorus and soloists, chanting prayerfully, provided a moving ending to the evening.

It was clear that choir, orchestra and soloists, and the audience had enjoyed a thrilling experience.