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Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays 19.30 -21.30 in Castlehill Church, Old Hillfoot Road, Ayr. On street parking is available as well as a small car park attached to the church. There are also two additional rehearsals on a concert weekend. Members should normally attend all rehearsals, and let their helpful Section Rep know if there is a problem.


Members will be asked to buy, or hire music, though we try to keep costs low. Hired music must be returned promptly to the librarian at the end of a concert, or earlier. Late return of hired music incurs charges which members responsible are liable to pay.


Concerts are held in autumn, Christmas and spring in Ayr Town Hall. Other opportunities to sing in smaller groups are also arranged. Accompaniments may be with professional orchestra, ensembles, piano or organ. All members are strongly encouraged to promote the concerts and sell tickets. Tickets are also available online at and from the Gaiety Box Office. Downstairs tickets for students and accompanied children are free.

Concert Dress

Members wear black long sleeved tops for ladies, with long black skirts or trousers, and an Ayr Choral coloured scarf, which will be provided. Men will require a black shirt, and black trousers. A black folder is provided for concert music.


Choir subscriptions help to pay for our orchestras, soloists, hall hire and our Musical Director. Our current annual subscription is £135 which includes £10 towards the hire of music. The subscription is payable at the start of the Session and can also be paid in 2 instalments (August/January). Student membership is free.

Friends and Sponsors 

Ayr Choral is very fortunate in having financial help from Friends and Sponsors, and we would warmly welcome additional offers of financial support. Information is available on the website.

Rehearsal Support

Ayr Choral is not an auditioned choir. Many members have skills in reading music -this is not a requirement though it helps! Internet links and voice part rehearsal files (e.g. mp3) are provided and members are expected to do homework!