Scotland Signs Milestone Award Winner 2016June 2016  Scotland Sings Award

Ayr Choral has been awarded this year’s Scotland Sings “milestone” award to celebrate our 140 years of choral singing in Ayr.

We had so many interesting and diverse nominations this year but we were really impressed by the longevity of the Ayr Choral Union. It is quite an achievement for the Union to have been in existence for such a long period of time and to have continued to do so in the face of not just local but the global challenges the world has seen in these 140 years. 2016 sounds like it is going to be a fantastic year for you all and one well worth celebrating. “

Early Day Motion

Thanks to Philippa Whitford MP, Ayr Choral was mentioned in an Early Day Motion No 340. An EDM is introduced to the House of Commons by an MP who then gets as many signatures as possible from other MPs to express their opinion on an issue, e.g. support for or condemnation of an organisation or policy. Ours states that:

That this House recognises that Ayr Choral Union is currently celebrating 140 years of choral singing in Ayr and that, in recognition of this, it has been awarded the Scotland Sings Milestone Award for 2016; and admires the dedication of the choir members in raising the funds required to hire venues and accompanying orchestras to allow a broad range of amateur singers to experience the thrill and sheer joy in performing some of the great choral works.

Our EDM has 18 cross party supporters.

Milestone Award