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Come and Sing On-line!

Ayr Choral is holding 3 open & completely FREE rehearsals working with Andy McTaggart simply to enjoy singing together!

We will be joined vocally by Soprano Catriona Hewitson, Mezzo-soprano Penelope Cousland, Tenor Ted Black and Baritone Colin Murray. You will sing along with them on the night and the practice tracks which they have recorded will be available after the first rehearsal.

The session will include warm-ups, followed by singing along to pre-recorded accompaniments with a special project thrown in for extra fun! You don’t need a microphone or camera – just a computer, tablet or phone which can access Zoom.

We won’t be able to hear each other – the technology isn’t good enough yet!
However, you will be able to see and hear Andy, the accompaniment by our professional singers and players and take part in the fun!

What do you need ?

You need a computer with speakers, or a laptop, phone or tablet which supports Zoom.

Get a Zoom account
If you do not have an account already, go to and sign up for a free account and download the app to your device. This will mean you can see and hear Andy and the accompaniment.

If you have any problems – click on this link.

Download your music.

(Music file now removed)

On the Tuesday…
The room will be open at 7:15pm. Just click on the link below and wait for Andy to start at 7:30pm and then ENJOY!

Week 1 (12th May)
Topic: Come and Sing On-line Week 1


Week 2 (19th May)
Topic: Come and Sing On-line Week 2

Week 3 (26th May)

Topic: Come and Sing On-line Week 3

JIf you have any questions, please contact

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